Atoms / Zatopeks

Written by Haydn Williams

Last night I had the good fortune not only to get away from my thesis for an evening, but to spend it watching the Atoms and the Zatopeks too!

They played the Old Bell Hotel in Derby, a venue I’d not been to before – turns out it’s very nice, with excellent sound and generally a good setup. Definitely a notch above the usual pub standard I was expecting. I’d forgotten that I’d ever actually seen the Atoms before, but a light bulb did click on in my brain when they appeared on stage. I recalled they were very entertaining last time, and the same was true again last night. Entertaining chat between songs, and a great transition from doo-wop and sugary bubblegum pop through to a more dirty but honest three-chord punk vibe in the latter half of the set.

<strong>The Zatopeks.</strong><br />Copyright Haydn Williams 2009.
The Zatopeks.
Copyright Haydn Williams 2009.

Last time I saw the Zatopeks was at the Vic Inn in Derby, and my overriding memory is of one of the most feel-good gigs I’ve ever been to. Last night was just the same, with the band putting 100% into the performance, and evidently having a lot of fun at the same time. I often wonder whether bands must get bored of touring, but these guys made it abundantly clear how much fun it can be. Of course, such blatant enthusiasm is infectious, and the result was a room full of smiles. Excellent work, and I heartily recommend checking them out next time they’re in town.

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