Unofficial simple, small GPX files for Skyline Scotland Ring of Steall and Mamores VK races 2017.

Skyline Scotland 2017: GPX

Written by Haydn Williams

Here for download are minimised GPX files for the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace™ 2017 and the Salomon Mamores VK™ 2017. These have been generated from the Ring of Steall™ official download and the Mamores VK™ official download. They’ve been stripped back to include only coordinates, i.e. no elevation or timings. Any metadata associated with their original creation in GPSies has also been removed. They’re essentially as simple as possible, so should be suitable for import into as many different watches etc. as possible.

The coordinates have been saved into GPX ‘routes’ rather than ‘tracks’ (more info here). If your device has a maximum limit on number of points it can handle then you may want to note that the Ring of Steall file contains approx. 2750 routepoints, and the Mamores VK file contains around 915 routepoints. None of the routepoints are named, so no CP names or any other features. There are no trackpoints or waypoints in either of the files.

The files have succesfully imported into my Suunto Movescount account, but it did “simplify” (Suunto’s word) the Ring of Steall route down to 1,000 routepoints instead.

These are completely unofficial files, not endorsed by or associated with the organisers in any way, and you use them entirely at your own risk. Review the files before use, and take a map and compass too.

Ring of Steall GPX: Click Here

Mamores VK GPX: Click Here

Mamores VK
Part of Mamores VK

Race names are trademarks of the race organisers; use of their names here doesn’t imply any endorsement or approval of this website by them.

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