The Subways

Written by Haydn Williams

I had a ticket to see the Subways in Leicester years ago and didn’t go for some reason. It’s been a niggling regret at the back of my mind ever since, so on Wednesday I went to the Rescue Rooms to see whether they were as much fun live as they are on record. I was not disappointed. They delivered their brand of punchy no-nonsense rock with style, but beyond that they really involved the crowd and looked to be having more fun on stage than any band I’ve seen in a long time. The shots below are just a few from a great night; the rest will be on Punk Rock Portraits when it’s re-launched later in the year.

From a photographic perspective, I really got back into the swing of things on Wednesday, probably for the first time since getting a proper camera again. The lighting was generally OK, although the new LED spots which are replacing the old style cans everywhere are nowhere near as atmospheric in photos. The band moved around an awful lot, which was helpful as it mixed up the backgrounds and the lighting behind them. Most of the shots were taken with the Sigma f2.8 24-70mm, but I was wielding a cheap 100-300mm for a bit when we got kicked out of the pit. Enjoy.

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