50 thoughts on “VW Golf Mk7 – SD Cards and Album Art

  1. Craig Bruce says:

    Ouch! Siri Eyes Free?

  2. Damian says:

    your Terminal [ find -type f -iname “.*” -delete ] didn’t work for me for some reason.

    but this did … [ find . -name ‘.*’ -type f -delete ]

    still, thanks to your post I got everything set up nicely – thanks heaps.

    • Adrian says:

      Same for me – Using Damian’s way worked though. Thanks!

    • beni says:

      you can use: dot_clean /Volumes/”volume name”
      on terminal, and that will do the job for you!

      • willie says:

        nice to learn something new every day – dot_clean!!!!

  3. filippo says:

    Very useful infos, Do you know also what kind of playlist format are supported? Thank you!

  4. Darren says:

    Great blog which has really helped – thank you. In my golf 7 it seems as though the format of the sd card needs to be fat32 though – just in case it helps others.
    Every time I used exfat it just wouldn’t read the card ?

  5. Darren says:

    All the radio icons have now been added successfully, I have move some music accross to the sd card to test, and whilst the music is there i can’t see any album art. If I view the file in windows explorer it shows the art so it must be embedded and I have resized using Sansa as suggested – any ideas ?

  6. Jens Myretyr says:

    Does anyone have an idea how to get pictures into the phonenumber entrys in the CMS? I have an iPhone with pistures in my contacts but the pictures does not get synced. In the manual it only says that it may sync if the phone supports this function…

    • Hi Jens – the syncing of contact photos from the iPhone isn’t supported yet I’m afraid. I believe it works with other phones though. It seems a bit of a shame, given that album art etc. can transfer successfully. :(

      • Bren says:

        Is it possible to import contacts from an SD card though?

        • Not that I’m aware of, Bren. It would be useful, but given the lack of support for photos in the iPhone syncing which already exists, my guess is that we’re not going to see that kind of commitment from VW unfortunately.

  7. Tony Broadbent says:

    Thanks, Haydn for this useful page about album art on SD cards. I have just bought I Golf Mk7 and as I love music have been putting a load of my Mp3s onto a 32g card. I have used the Sanse Mp3 Art Resizer to change all the art to 400×400 pixels. Most work OK but on some (usually ones I have copied from CDs) the art displays small with a grey border around – frustrating as I can find no explanation for this. Any idea welcome.


    • Hi Tony. Do you know what size the problematic album art is to begin with? I’m just wondering whether Sanse Resizer is leaving alone anything which is already less than 400px square, which would explain the border perhaps?

  8. Henrique Coelho says:

    Thanks a lot for such directions. It helped a lot.

  9. Marcelo Brandão says:

    Thank you very much! Worked fine for me!

    But I want to use my ipod as main source of music in the car… even in BT and media cable the album covers aren’t showing… do you know anything to help?

    • Hi. Bluetooth doesn’t ever show album art unfortunately. The album art will only be shown if you have the media cable with the red collar; the blue one which comes with the car as standard will not show album art.

      • Dave says:

        Hi. Can you tell me where to source a media cable with a red collar for my iPod? Cheers.
        ps its the older 30 pin type required. Thanks.

  10. Tony Johnson says:

    Hi Haydn, thx for the info.
    My GTD is “in transit”, so should be here in a couple of weeks. All I want to do is play my CDs (about 100 of them) via an SD card.
    I have copied my CD collection to an 8GB SD card using Windows Media Player. The file structure has folders for all the artists, then each CD is a sub folder in these. Is this the best way, or is it better just to have separate folders for each CD (ie. no sub-folders) ?

    • Hi Tony,

      I’d stick with what you’ve got; a folder for each artist, then one for each CD within that. It means that it’s easier to scroll through the list, and there’s less danger of you hitting the 1,000 folder limit. Hope that helps; enjoy the GTD! :)


  11. gus says:

    My Composition Media shows album covers in 500×500 pixels without a problem.

    • Tomas says:

      Mine too

  12. Akira says:

    Thank you for sharing useful info!

    One question.

    Same as you, my music folder contain more than 1000 artist folders.
    When I play m3u playlist by Discover pro, tracks after 1000th artist are skipped..
    I tested to seperate them Music1 folder and Music2 folder, but it go wrong.

    Could you advise to make recognise whole artist?

    sorry my bad English. from Japan.

  13. Ian H says:

    Great post. Just taken delivery of my GTD (mk7). What is the max size SD card that can be used and can anyone suggest a brand/card to buy? Thanks

    • Takeshi says:

      I have experience to use 32GB Class10 MicroSD with SD card Adapter. But, Unfortunate, I’ve applied FAT32 16KBytes Alocation Bloack size for before reading this blog.
      I tried three 32GB MicroSD cards with the same format.
      All of SD Cards does not include folders over the 1000 folders and there is no file included which name is started as “.”.
      One SD card is still now working. Another one had files system broken.
      I will try exFAT for both cards.

      SanDisk Class 2 8GB -> Working
      Transcend microSDHC 32GB Class10 -> Working
      Transcend microSDHC 32GB Class10 -> File System Broken
      No Brand Name SDHC 32G Class2 -> Working

      Since I cannot file any issue File system Broken SD card with fsck command, I will try to format exFAT for it.


  14. Roger Morton says:

    When I first got my mk7 I tried using a 32gb card with music organised by album [<1000] with a playlist containing all 1700 items which I set to play randomly. This seemed to cause all sorts of problems, with read errors, slow start up and eventually the whole media centre locked up, whic prevented me using anything controlled from it; censors, camera etc. This took a 3hr reboot at the dealer to fix.
    I regressed back to a 2gb card, playing from a flat file of just 650 favourite tracks organised randomly.
    I encouraged by this thread to try again, just have to retrieve the 32gb from my camera.

  15. Jim Press says:

    I’ve tried everything on here and am still having problems (apart from the radio icons which work fine – thanks for the link)

    I’ve used MP3tag to reduce album art to no more than 400×400 pixels; tried SD cards and USB sticks, reformatting & importing into the jukebox. Coverflow works fine but on some albums when I select them the artwork disappears. No matter how many times I delete and re-import, or even reduce the art to 200×200 it is always the same albums which suggests it is nothing to do with SD card formats or USB sticks. At present the following are ‘problematic’ but I’ve only tried a sample handful of albums and I’m sure the list will grow the more stuff I try to put on it: 13 (Sabbath), hail to the king (avenged sevenfold) etc – maybe it doesn’t like heavy metal :-)

    Seriously though I am baffled as the tags look fine in MP3tag – I might take a closer look later in the week between the tags of albums which are fine and those which cause problems – maybe it really is the genre tag!


  16. Jim says:

    I found that the system is doing some form of caching. I changed the album art for one album and found the system displaying the old art even though I had ‘deleted’ it from the jukebox – it was even showing the old art for a USB stick which I checked was correct using mp3tag. Maybe this is why I have problems with about 4 of my albums where coverflow works but selecting them ‘loses’ the art despite re-sizing

  17. sheila says:

    I have just bought a mark 7 having had a mark 6
    I couldn’t find the cd player -then it was found in the glove compartment!
    Much as I was fascinated by your techi talk all I want is to listen to CDs!
    In fact talking books.
    I drive alone most of the time and feed them into cd player.
    I can’t do that on a motorway ……………..
    Can I preload them?
    Help please
    PS I don’t have an i player

    • John says:

      Had the same problem with audio books and MP3 players years back while commuting by train. Found that iPod would remember where I was in the chapter, whereas simple MP3 players would have to restart the chapter. Ok for a 3 minute pop song but not good for a 20 minute audio book chapter. You could try ripping the CDs to a computer then saving to SD card (ask any teenager ….) and see how you go. BTW Librivox is brilliant for out of copyright audiobooks, some real gems on there.

  18. Gilberto says:


    Thank you for such useful information.

    I have one question that is slightly be off topic: does anyone know how to change albums with one touch? I can only change tracks…

    Sorry if this is a dumb question.

  19. David Walker says:

    Thanks for excellent information on using SD cards.

    I have just got my Golf with the infotainment system and want to load the radio logos you refer to.

    You have given three links , all with zip files. Do you load all these files onto the SD card?

    I cannot find info as to how to load the logos into the radio system. Any further advice on this would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    David Walker.

    • There’s an option in the ‘setup’ screen for the radio – you’ll need to unzip the files and put the resulting images onto the SD card somewhere. Use the ‘setup’ screen from the radio to choose the image for each station favourite. You can then delete the images from the card if you want.

  20. Paul says:

    Thank you! I was looking all over to find what format SD card was accepted by VW’s equipment. I just got a 2015 GTI and it won’t recognize by old Ipod, so it will be cheaper to switch to a large SD card.

  21. John Hopkins says:

    Just got my Golf Mk7 a couple of weeks ago and despite trying to follow all your advice I have yet to get any album art displayed from my SD card trying various file sizes in jpg. I have a fairly old iPod nano so wouldn’t expect the artwork to display from there though music files all play perfectly from there and the SD card..
    I did get the radio station logos to display using the system setup option.
    Most frustrating regarding the album art. What am I doing wrong? VW haven’t replied to my query to them.

    • Dave says:

      I just had the same problem with about half of the music I put on my card. Turns out that you can’t have any album art over 300 kb. I used Photoshop to resize it to 400×400, then made sure the file size saved under 300 kb. Of course this may mean that the quality of the art might take a hit, but the VW screen is pretty low res to begin with so you shouldn’t notice much of a difference.

      If you’re using iTunes, import the music (if you haven’t already), resize artwork, then add it to the album itself – “Get Info,” and then drag the album onto your SD card. That’s what worked for me.

  22. jake says:

    Hello I cannot seem to get anything to work on my SD card, I cannot get music to play or get any radio station logos to work. I have a 16 gb class 10 sd card and nothing seems to work any help or advice? also when your iPhone is connected and you call someone does there contact image display and if it does. how do you get that to work

    • Sounds like a faulty card or faulty stereo, if it won’t read anything. Unfortunately the contact images don’t show on iOS, only for Android phones.

  23. Charles says:

    Hi, found some interesting applescript for those looking into re-embeding their artwork on their .m4a files through iTunes on a mac.
    There is also a script to downsize the artwork and pretty interesting apps for managing itunes exportations to clean folders.
    Guy charges between 2$ and 5$ for a script or app. Very useful and saved me a lot of time getting everything to work.



  24. Phillip says:

    Hi there, does your VW steteo manage Gapless playback (i.e. Live album with no blanks between tracks). Mercedes, doesn’t: shame for such high-end! Do those designers not listen to music? Are there no sound engineers in their team!? Anyway, let me know if you’ve tried this? Thx

  25. Aidan says:

    I had problems getting album art to display correctly. After ensuring the resolution was 500×500 and the file size was small it still did not work.

    The key was to make sure the embedded artwork in the MP3 is a baseline JPG file, NOT a progressive JPG.

    When exporting the resized images (from GIMP) the default advanced option was progressive enabled, so this had to be disabled. You can test your JPG file here to see if it is progressive: http://techslides.com/demos/progressive-test.html

    Hope that helps.

  26. Arend Rietkerk says:

    For Linux users:
    the SD needs to be formatted as FAT32 with the “lba” flag set.
    Use GParted !

  27. Gareth says:

    My composition radio is my new car has a bit of lag when changing albums. For example. I am listening to a album from one artist and I will change to another artist and pick a specific song on in the list, as soon as Ii exit the list to show the individual song with the album art, I hear static for a second like the radio could not handle the instruction quick enough, can anyone advise? This is music that’s on my usb by the way

    This never happened with my old composition radio


    • Peter Swinbank says:

      Haydn & others, I can’t figure out why I can’t see a “Database view” in Media mode on my Discover Media (Generation 2) Infotainment System?
      Fig. 30 on page 40 of my manual refers.
      My files are on an SD card in slot 2
      Any ideas please?

      Thanks, Peter

  28. Rajesh says:

    Please help me with the display of Album art in R340G (pq) audio system in my Volkswagen Polo 2018.
    I tired in many ways..but artwork doesnt show up in the display. Help me please.

  29. AD says:

    Hi, I understand that this might be an English only forum. Has anyone of you tried loading mp3 files with tags in non-English characters (e.g. Japanese/Korean/Chinese) and the head unit just displays squares? Anyone know a fix?

  30. Rehaan says:


    Thanks for the info. Was hoping someone could help with th efollowing radio logo issue:

    I have downloaded the relavnt radio logos I want, transferred them onto a SD Card and have successfully assigned them to my presets in my GTI.

    However the logos on mine only work on one particular screen view of the presets. The uploaded logos don’t seem to work on a more detailed large screen view i.e. when I change the view to Station info for example.

    Has anyone else experienced this?


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